Positive outcome for stainless steel scrap major Oryx

Positive outcome for stainless steel scrap major Oryx


Global: Oryx Stainless, the third-largest stainless steel scrap processing company worldwide, is continuing on its growth path.

The Dutch-German company achieved ‘considerably higher tonnages’ last year, with sales rising from Euro 430 million in 2013 to Euro 590 million. Oryx benefited from increased production of stainless steel: according to the International Stainless Steel Forum, global stainless steel production and consumption grew by 8.3% in 2014.

Oryx Stainless’ new locations in Asia delivered ‘particularly positive effects'; during the second operational year, for instance, volumes were doubled in ‘this growth region’ when compared to 2013. ‘In a market environment that is still finding its way back to normality, Oryx Stainless has achieved a satisfactory result,’ comments Tobias Kämmer, ceo at Oryx Stainless Holding. ‘Its strategy of regional diversification with the new locations in Asia is paying dividends.’

Oryx expects 2015 to constitute another period of transition for the stainless steel sector, during which the industry ‘will continue to be forced to compensate the economic effects of the previous years’. As part of its single-brand strategy, the Oryx Stainless Group will be changing the names of companies still operating under the KMR Stainless banner to Oryx Stainless over the course of 2015.

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